Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mama's Premiere

Well Here I am. MAMA Stoddard. I am a mom. INSANE! This is our family blog. I'm sure only three or four people will ever read it, but I think that's probably for the better. Jon likes to be funny in his posts, So I am going to try and be funny too. Here are some things that aren't funny about being a mom:

-waking up at 3:14 AM to a pterodactyl  sounding baby who needs MORE food. The kid legit eats all the time.
-driving down the road hearing him cry because he spit out his binkie and there is nothing you can do about it until you stop at a random Sonic to help a baby out.
-being tired at 11AM. and 2PM and 6PM and mainly all the time.

More importantly, Here are some funny things. Ps, my random capital letters after commas are driving me crazy but I'm sorry, They are just coming so naturally.

-Figuring out a way to get the baby fed without having the hold the bottle. Holding the bottle and the baby is endearing for about two weeks. After that, its all about laziness baby.

Okay maybe that is only one funny thing. But on the real, being a parent is the best. It's so rewarding. The stars of 16 and Pregnant may not agree with that statement, but thats probably why you shoulndn't get pregnant when you can't even drive your parents car yet.

Well I gotta run. Actually I just have to go to sleep. Baby boy's gonna be up in rwo hours whining for his fix. LOVE it!


Mama Stoddard

Sunday, June 12, 2011


When deciding to bog I asked myself "what am I gonna write about? I only have one reader" that one reader would be my awesome sister in law, who coincidentally is the reason for the title. Now there are many thngs I wish I could write about to describe how odd and weird she and her life is( yes I spoke of her and her life separately because she is so weird) but she would kill me if I talked about it. So I will just speak of a few things that won't end my life: if you don't know who this girl is and you are reading this for the first time her name is ally mull in. She is maybe 5'2 brown hair and full of herself, but hey that's what makes her so funny and adds to her incredible weirdness. Ok I am babbling a little bit so here is the main points 1. She ate toilet paper..... And enjoyed it, I could keep going but all the list needs is number one. And I don't have the time to write all of the other reasons due to the length of them. So if you want more I will wait for requests

Onto my pride and joy. Kingston is doing great he sleeps almost the whole night, continues to grow, and makes me smile every morning I wake up and see him. I wish I knew how to post pics on here but I may have to wait until ally gets here. And for anyone that hates his name you can go and eat a big one.... With exception to grandma who is allowed to hate different names.

Screw calm! Get angry!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wowsers mister

Well this blog has been started for many reasons, so I will name them from smallest to biggest reason: 10- I did such a terrible job last time I had to start over 9- I need to have some sort of a journal 8- ok maybe ten was too many reasons 7- I need to share more..... Or so Meghan claims 6- how else am I supposed to practice for when I start rowdies my first book? 4- we are getting closer to being done 3- I have heard rumors of other people's blogs being funnier then mine.... Smh 2- I have a baby boy and need to talk about his life constantly for friends and family to read 1- well because my sister in law ally won't leave me alone about blogging again, I mean seriously she is a freak about her own blog but give me a break I'm not that good at it, but hey I love you though so hears to you sista.

Now with that done and out of the way let me get all mushy for a second... Don't worry it is only a second... Ok maybe a couple seconds but don't worry I won't stay that way forever. I wanna tell everyone how happy and blessed I am to be married to such an amazing person who loves so unconditionally everyone she meets. A person who forgives so quickly and can make me happy even when I am grumpy in the morning. For how blessed I am to have great family in my life even and to have it only get ten times better with in laws I have they are terrific. And most of all to be able to look at my son with tears in my eyes, and realizing how I never knew I could love him so much. And to realize how perfect he is, I don't want to do wrong no more.

Ok eyes are wiped dry slapped myself back to normal and the real Jon is here again. I hope everyone enjoys the entries and hopefully Meghan and my bomb a sister in law can make this blog look somewhat cooler then i can. Any who stay classy world and until next time this wolf is out